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Charlotte Gains a Fresh Face in Sales Management!
Posted: 10/08/14

Tom Bustard is pleased to join Adams Outdoor Charlotte after an extensive 18 year history with Clear Channel Radio, now IHeartMedia. During Tom’s tenure at Clear Channel Radio, his experience took him through many levels. From an Account Executive, General Sales Manager, and a Director of Sales position within a 4 station radio Group in Charleston SC. Tom's success elevated him to Vice President of Clear Channel Radio in Columbia SC overseeing 5 of their stations and Integrated media. After a continuous career with Clear Channel Radio in South Carolina,  Tom decided to move to Charlotte with the company 5 years ago and managed three of their 5 stations as well as their Total Traffic and Weather network.

In addition to driving revenue, the development of Account Executives, and growing solid client relationships, Tom also enjoys live music of any genre, theater, travel and is a active supporter of the humane society. Tom also takes pride in being the Carolina's #1 Springsteen fan with over 118 shows attended! Originally from Philadelphia, Tom migrated to the South and spent the last 30 years in the Carolinas. Tom adds, “I was extremely excited to find out this past August that a management position opened at Adams Outdoor. Adams Outdoor has an excellent reputation in the industry spanning both Charleston and Charlotte, which thrilled me to be an addition to their management team allowing me to take their superior creative to market.” 

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