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Charlotte wants YOU!
Posted: 08/15/14

Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charlotte is looking for an account executive, not a "salesperson".

A business developer, not an order-taker.
A  scholar, not a knucklehead.
A problem solver, not a trouble-maker.
A rebel, not a lemming.
A collaborator, not a hermit.
A student, not a know-it-all.
A human, not a robot.
We need someone who is strategic, not impulsive.
A great listener, but also curious.
A doer, but also a thinker.

Because this is not a job, it's a passion. We are not a corporation, we are a tribe.

As an account executive, you will find new business prospects, learn everything there is to know about their business, and solve their problems with strategic and creative outdoor ad campaigns. You will maintain those relationships and continue to help their business grow on into infinity.

Adams Outdoor Advertising is not content with the status quo. Mediocre is a vile word in this office.  We are successful, but never satisfied. We are a creative agency. We also happen to believe that billboards are the most effective means of delivering a message. In fact, outdoor advertising is more powerful than anyone has yet to imagine. 

For more information, contact cbeiler@adamsoutdoor.com