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Seventy years in the making! It will amaze and astound you! Well, actually it took about seven years, but it will amaze and astound you anyway because Geopath Out of Home Ratings are a revolutionary new way to measure the audience for out of home advertising. For the past seventy years, out of home advertising was represented by DEC or daily effective circulation. This was a relatively simple calculation of the number of vehicles and pedestrians moving past a display factoring in people per vehicle and illumination. This number represented an audience that had the opportunity to see the outdoor advertising. Not bad and very effective for what it represented.

That was then.

This is the now.

Geopath Out of Home Ratings start with a traffic count, then layer and filter with visibility research and demographic population data. OOH Ratings represent a commercial audience that is likely to see the advertising. And unlike other media rating systems that measure the programming or represent an average, OOH Ratings are impressions specific to each out-of-home unit based on geographic location and demographic environment. OOH media now have an advanced reach and frequency system that reflects the distribution of the audience exposed to specific OOH campaigns.

A core strength of outdoor advertising has always been the medium is the message. This remains true. Award winning creative paired with a world class audience rating system. Now, more than ever, Adams Outdoor Advertising delivers.

For more information, please visit geopath.org.