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A Smoking New Concept
Partnership With the Newport News Police Department
A Smoking New Concept
Posted: 01/29/16

At Adams Outdoor Advertising, client satisfaction reigns supreme. For many clients, a satisfying campaign would result in an increase in revenue and standing out as a leader among competitors. For our Account Executives and Creative Department, a successful campaign would reiterate our leading mantra, “To prove that outdoor advertising is more powerful than anyone has yet to imagine."

We recently were able to develop a campaign with a new client, BELFOR Property Restoration. With the nature of the client’s business revolving around disaster recovery, Belfor’s consumers use their services when it’s time to rebuild. Sam Crockett, Account Executive, approached the client with an out of the box idea. Thinking beyond just the use of the vinyl. To advertise the company’s name is one thing, but being able to create a 3D environment took this campaign to another level. With the inclusion of a hand built window, smoke machine, and programmed lighting the completed bulletin project reiterated the impact and severe necessity of BELFOR Property Restoration’s services.

The Sales, Operations, and Creative Department were able to cohesively execute the concept. A large scaled window, built by the Operations Department, housed both the smoke and light machine. With the addition of curtains, the completed window was welded to the unit for support. The reaction to the creativity and visual impact by the public was outstanding, so much so that it garnered both local and national news coverage.  This campaign is a prime example of the impact of outdoor advertising on small and large businesses alike. We hope to further explore opportunities to reinvent the medium known as outdoor.